How to take care for your jewellery

The materials we use
Gem Kingdom jewellery is handmade taking the most delicate care. Our items are exclusive designs in sterling silver 925 and we also use the best materials available in other aspects: mother-of-pearl, horn, semi-precious stones, cameos, acryl, polyester, bone, porcelain, galalith and reconstructed coral, turquoise, malachite and nerolite. Because of our international network of providers and producers we are able to incorporate the most outstanding materials. Jewellery is produced in small series and editions.

Take good care of your Gem Kingdom items by softly rubbing them with a soft cloth. In the same manner dirt and discolouring on silver items can be removed using a special silver polishing cloth. It is only normal that silver starts discolouring after some time. Under the influence of skin-borne fatty substances as well as light, this discolouring becomes stronger but it is certainly not permanent when treated as mentioned above. Always apply make-up, hairspray or perfume first; we strongly advise you to put on your jewellery at the very last moment. Keep your items in a clean, dry and possibly airtight environment. The best way to do this is to utilise special soft jewellery-bags or cases.

Pearls start reliving when worn on the skin. Fat from your skin gives protection and heightens the gloss of pearls: they acquire - as it were - a fresh, polished look. Unfortunately there are also influences which can diminish the special, soft pearly look. Acids are an example but do not forget perspiration, cosmetics, hair lacquers and perfumes can even damage pearls. Never wear pearls during sports-activities or during hard or dirty work. From time to time brush up your pearls with a soft, moist cloth, using clean water only, never a chemical detergent. After their brush-up they will shine again. Keep jewellery incorporating pearls in a soft cloth to prevent scratching.

Cameos are regularly used in our collections. They are Italian and hand-crafted. Our designs are executed in the village of Torre del Greco near Naples. Already far before Roman times it was the only centre where cameos were crafted completely by hand. Keep cameos in a clean, dry and possibly airtight place. Clean them from time to time using a soft cloth and clean water only, never a chemical detergent.