Necklace CH 136 A

Necklace CH 136 A

Sterling silver refined necklace with elements of mother-of-pearl and sterling silver. The length of the necklace is 88,0 cm, the length of the extra chain is 7,0 cm.

This necklace forms part of our collection Imagine. This collection is dedicated to Pablo Picasso which favourite quote was: 'Everything you can imagine is real'. Looking at Picasso's life at La Villa Californie in the south of France we enjoy a feeling of Bohemian lifestyle. We relate to the joy of creating, the joy of collecting and being passionate about doing both. It's this creative and peaceful atmosphere we like to share within the collection Imagine. Used materials are sterling silver, mother-of-pearl, reconstructed coral, hand-painted eyes, agate, garnet, imitation ivory, horn, onyx, pearls, Bohemian crystal and quartz.



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