Necklace NK 21D21

Charming sterling silver necklace with elements of silver, onyx, celluloid, moonstone, veneer and Bohemian crystal. The length of the necklace is 46,0 cm, the length of the pendant is 3,5 cm in total.

This necklace forms part of the collection Talisman. Centuries ago, even during the ancient Egyptians, people already wore pendants with signs and encryption. The so-called talisman was worn for all sorts of reasons. For protection, happiness and prosperity, and good health. The term talisman comes from the ancient Greek word ‘telesma’ or sacred object. Wearing a talisman is often portrayed as a superstition, but millions of people in the world have one. Used materials are amongst others sterling silver, onyx, mother-of-pearl, Bohemian crystal, celluloid, tiger eye, pearls, agate and spinel.

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