Crystal Baby

Crystal Baby

Sterling zilveren ketting met de hanger Crystal Baby in het zwart of wit. De ketting is 75,0 cm lang, Crystal Baby is 4,5 cm lang, de hanger in totaal is 10,0 cm lang.

She is very, very Bling, your real glamorous queen! She knows exactly what she likes and lovesszzz. Low fat ice cream from Paris, furry small animals, big chandeliers, decaff Italian/Moroccan small skimmed milk-latte with a hint of cinnamon at 12.13 hrs to go, white natural teeth, silk stockings from Lichtenstein, cashmere rugs for the bathroom (tickles the toes), well polished light switches, and more, lots more. However, you can always call her, even in the middle of the night, to share and enjoy a tasty burger!

Crystal Baby maakt deel uit van de Happy Baby collectie.

Momenteel niet beschikbaar.

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